Little Fellows Let’s Get Fizzical review


Manufacturer – Little Fellows

Design – Let’s Get Fizzical – pebble weave

Colour – Pastel rainbow

Blend – 50% silk, 30% cotton, 20% linen

Width of wrap – 68cm

Size tested – 3.6m (long 3/short 4)

Retail price of tested design and size – £345

Provided to me by – Holidayed from a friend

Website – Little Fellows


A lovely friend recently sent her beautiful hand woven Little Fellows wrap on holiday and I was lucky enough to host it for a couple of weeks. Let’s Get Fizzical is a pebble weave pastel rainbow and is a silk blend. The pebble weave gives it a good texture, which counteracts any slipping you might anticipate from the high silk content. The colours are really rather gentle and shimmer as the light catches them, but aren’t at all bland. Little Fellows wraps come with raw selvedges (the top and bottom rails aren’t hemmed as there’s no need with the hand weaving process), and blunt hemmed ends, rather than tapered.


I used Let’s Get Fizzical for a few back carries during its stay, including a double hammock tied under bum, and a ruck tied at shoulder with candy cane chest belt. I found the wrap lovely to use, and thanks to the open style of the weave and the handwoven nature, it really moulded itself around 20 month old Reu and I. There was some stretch to the weave which helped it to mould so well, and a little slipping with the silk, but the weave texture helped to hold the wrap in place, and as long as I tightened properly strand by strand this wasn’t a problem at all (and let’s face it, all wraps do a better job if tightened carefully). Despite being quite a thin wrap and with the open weave, the silk added lots of strength and it was plenty strong enough for toddler Reu, even in single layer carries. So it would be a lovely airy wrap to use on a hot day, for a baby or toddler of any age. I even played horsey (I pretend to be a horse with Reu on my back and he tells me when to trot up and down the road), with Reu in a ruck, trotting up and down our road! Despite all the movement from me ‘trotting’ so much, and Reu jumping up and down with excitement, the wrap held well. I hadn’t used a blunt ended wrap before and was curious as to how this would affect tying, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t really feel any different to a tapered end, probably thanks to the looser weave structure. The candy cane chest belt was lovely and soft and didn’t dig at all, which can sometimes happen with a thicker or tighter weaved wrap.


Overall, we really enjoyed our time with Let’s Get Fizzical, especially how well it contoured around us, and how comfortable it was to use. It’s a beautiful piece of art as well as a lovely way to carry your child and be close to them.

The picture bellow is blurred because I’m ‘trotting’ at the time!






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