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Mokosh-wrap Sirin Colombina review


Manufacturer – Mokosh-wrap

Design – Sirin

Colour – Colombina

Blend – 100% cotton

Weight – 248gsm

Size tested – 4

Retail price of tested design and size – 130 euros

Provided to me by – Mokosh-wrap

Website – Mokosh-wrap


This is a quick review of Sirin as unfortunately Reu and I weren’t very well while Sirin was here so we didn’t get as much chance to try it out as we would have liked.


I really like the design, it initially reminded me of flames, but when I read the inspiration behind the wrap (Columbine is a street theatre character from the Medieval ages), it fitted perfectly. Sirin came for testing along with Eywa, and they both arrived in a rather nice and very spacious drawstring bag, with the Mokosh-wrap logo on (always a nice touch).

IMG_20150703_135316832 (1)

The weave feels quite tight and there’s not much stretch or give to the wrap, but it feels very strong, and the passes stayed exactly where they were put with no sagging at all. The slight texture to the weave helped the wrap hold a knotless finish well, with no slipping at all. I have definitely wrapped with softer wraps, but this wrap makes up for that with it’s strength and ease of use. And I expect it will soften further with continued use.


Reu (17 months) and I used Sirin for a walk, with a ruck carry finished knotless tibetan. It was comfortable and didn’t pull at all, I think because it stayed exactly where I put it, so there was no sagging to alter the weight distribution from where I wanted it. Reu fell soundly asleep so Sirin gets his seal of approval! The tester wrap we had here was a size 4, but I think it’s probably a long four (should have measured to check), as I usually need a size 5 to have enough length for a knotless tibetan finish. I also had a go with Sirin and our demo doll. I tried a front cross carry with a ring finish and it held well.


Overall, I found Sirin a really nice wrap to use, it’s very strong, has a lovely design and held the carries very well. And having looked at Mokosh-wrap’s Facebook page, they have lots of other gorgeous designs.



Mokosh-wrap Eywa Tree review


IMG_20150702_160113764Manufacturer – Mokosh-wrap

Design – Eywa

Colour – Tree

Blend – 48% cotton, 52% silk

Weight – 262gsm

Size tested – 7

Retail price of tested design and size – 194 euros

Provided to me by – Mokosh-wrap

Website – Mokosh-wrap


This is a quick review of Eywa as unfortunately Reu and I weren’t very well while Eywa was here, so we didn’t get as much chance to try it out as we would have liked.


The Eywa design is beautiful (and comes in other colours if green isn’t your taste). As anyone who has seen my personal stash will know, blues and greens are very much my favourite colours, so I was really pleased to open the Mokosh travelling wrap bag (very spacious drawstring bag with the lovely Mokosh-wrap logo on), and find this green beauty (along with the vibrant Sirin). The design has a lovely grippy embossed feel to it and the silk makes it shimmer in the light.


As with the other Mokosh-wrap I tried, Eywa has quite a tight weave with minimal stretch, but feels very strong in exchange. It’s also not as soft as other wraps I’ve tried but I expect it will soften with further use.


Reu (17 months) and I used Eywa for a front wrap cross carry and went for a walk together. The wrap was really easy to use, the passes spread well and stayed exactly where they were put and I found it very supportive. The green almost sparkles in the sun, it really is very beautiful. I also had a go with a back carry using our demo doll, as Reu was quite hot and bothered. I tried a double hammock with freshwater finish, which was very comfortable. I found Eywa easy to use and make the passes with, and they stayed in place well.


Overall, it was a pleasure to have Eywa here and I enjoyed carrying Reu with this wrap. What this wrap lacks in softness, it more than makes up for with strength and beauty, and I was pleased with how well it held the carries I tried.