Bunny Baby Carriers review


Manufacturer – Bunny Baby Carriers

Design – Bunny Baby Original

Colour – Yellow with Sunshine panel

Retail price of tested design and size – 120 Euros

Provided to me by – Bunny Baby Carriers

Website – Bunny Baby Carriers


Initial thoughts on design, colour and feel

My first thoughts when I opened the bag for this carrier was how gorgeous the bright colours were. I really like the sweatshirt hood (this is the option I went for on my own wrap conversion mei tai), and it’s a really nice touch that the hood is lined in the same fabric as the panel (appropriately called sunshine). The waist is well structured with a nice amount of padding, and the shoulder straps are very comfortably padded. All of the buckles have elastic safety loops to thread the buckles through, in case of accidental release. Although this adds a little bit of effort when fastening, I think it’s well worth the effort for the extra security this brings. When you unfasten the buckles you can see and feel them catch on the elastic so it’s a very worthwhile safety feature. This carrier can carry children between 8lbs and 45lbs and it has a nice sized seat, which you could cinch in easily for a smaller baby.


Bunny Baby carriers make custom carriers so you can choose the colour and fabric design for your own individual carrier, with prices starting from 80 Euros for their budget range. They have a nice selection of custom options available including wrap conversions, roll away hood, leg padding, embroidery, ears for the hoods (always cute!), suck pads and stuff sacks. And they even offer mini versions of their carriers so your little ones can carry their toys around.


Front carry thoughts

You can front carry with a Bunny Baby Carrier with the straps crossed over on your back, or with them going straight down and using the accessory strap between your shoulder blades. Both ways are comfortable but I prefer the straps crossed – this is very much a personal preference though and everyone’s bodies are different so see what works best for you. Reu (17 month old toddler), and I went for a walk together with him on my front with the straps crossed. I found it comfortable, especially the well padded shoulders. I did find the fastening for the reach straps on the hood a bit fiddly to fasten, as I have found with other carriers that use the double ring design. Once I had fastened them they were nice and secure, but also easy to release when needed (I have previously struggled to unfasten straps like these on a different carrier when Reu woke up upset, so was pleased these released quickly when needed). The sweatshirt style hood is great as you can cover their heads if needed but they’re not pulled so tight against you as can happen with a flat hood. It was a particularly hot day and I didn’t find the carrier too hot, and it was certainly cooler than most woven wraps.


Back carry thoughts

Reu and I put the Bunny Baby Carrier to the test while back carrying, on walks to see the local horses, as well as over fences and through the woods. I found it really comfortable throughout and was able to get a really comfortable high back carry by fastening the waist band just below my chest. It was easy to tighten the straps to get a good fit and felt very stable, even while I was climbing over five bar gates. The only problem I had with it was that while I could reach the hood straps they weren’t long enough for me to pull the hood up on my own, so reach strap extenders or more flexible arms would be useful. The well padded shoulders were very comfortable in a back carry as well as a front carry, as was the waist band. Reu was very happy everytime we used this carrier and really enjoyed looking around at everything.


Overall thoughts

We’ve really enjoyed trying the Bunny Baby Carrier. I really like that you can customise your own carrier so it really can be an individual carrier for yours and your child’s tastes. Of the buckled carriers I’ve tried so far this one has been the most comfortable and easy to use, and I really like the added security of the buckles safety elastic loops. And the specific carrier we tried is so cheerful and happy, it brought a ray of sunshine to our days every time we used it.








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